Nov. 22, 2022

Why I Can’t Be A Billionaire

Why I Can’t Be A Billionaire

Happy US Thanksgiving! Alexandra and Anna started off this week talking about podcast merch and Anna’s spontaneous spending. They come up with some merch ideas- You are not alone! This leads into a discussion about manifesting your dream life, Mel Robbins, vision boards and how to create the things you want in life so they actually come to fruition. It’s more about how you feel about your life versus keeping up with your neighbors and ego. The Russian Sisters chat about financial perspectives and how you have to take action toward your goals. It’s the time of year for gratitude and both Anna and Alexandra share what they are grateful for this year, including all the listeners and supporters.

Dave Ramsey- The Total Money Makeover

Ramit Sethi- I Will Teach You To Be Rich Podcasts

Allison Cullen- You Do Woo

To Be Magnetic- Expanded

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