Sept. 13, 2022

Why Can't We Be Friends

Why Can't We Be Friends
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When it rains it pours- Anna and Alexandra had to get through tech difficulties which have apparently led to Anna now having a cold. But she made it through in time to avoid a coughing fit! This week, the ladies discuss people wanting to connect with each other and the transition as kids go from wanting to be social to being antisocial. Is it something we, as adults, put on the kids or is it something that happens developmentally? Anna and Alexandra also get into the idea of perceptions being reality...or not and how restorative justice practices can teach kids good skills for understanding a variety of perspectives. We seem to want to be kind as individuals but when faced with unkind people, we, as society, find it appropriate to be mean. Alexandra brings up Matt Richtel and his book, Inspired: Understanding Creativity- A Journey through Art, Science, and the Soul, which discusses how by 4th grade, kids start to lose their creativity and freedom of exploration. Kids start to be more inhibited and cautious. Because laughter is the best medicine for Anna and her cold, the Russian Sisters did not forget to add a STW joke of the day.

Links: Matt Richtel's book:[…]=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9052218&hvtargid=pla-1584389601030&psc=1

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