June 21, 2022

We Do Woo with Allison Cullen

We Do Woo with Allison Cullen
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This week Anna and Alexandra have the privilege to chat with human design and business coach Allison Cullen. Allison is a dear friend of The Russian Sisters and provides a glimpse into Human Design. She gives a brief description of the different types: generator, projector, manifestor, generating manifestor and reflector. She discusses how to incorporate Human Design in parenting and how taking tiny steps forward to align with your Human Design type can be life changing.

Ways to connect with Allison:

Instagram @youdowoo

Website: Youdowoo.com

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/you-do-woo/id1522942418

And to book with Allison use the discount code TRS15

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