Oct. 25, 2022

T is for Texas

T is for Texas

This week, Anna starts us off with recounting updates in her life, including coaching volleyball again, the recent presentations she has done and Anime club. Alexandra shares about her upcoming book which drops in November. It is about her healing process after Shawn’s death. She also recounts the trip she and Buddy took to Texas to see Buddy’s older brother. While they had a great time at the beach, they had their fair share of hilarious mishaps. If you’re wondering the significance of a rat, Anna is here to help. Among everything it is known for, fertility is one of them, bringing more hilarity to the show since Alexandra was trolled by Big Dick Jake on an app. Have a good chuckle with the STW joke of the day!

Check out Forwardtojoy.com for more information on Alexandra’s book- The Suicide Club: What to do When Someone You Love Chooses Death

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