Feb. 28, 2022

Snow Day Juju

Snow Day Juju

Snow Day Prayers, Cat Poop Cleanup, The Art of Self-Care

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Cozy vibes for this episode! With a big snowstorm coming, Anna's praying for a snow day this week as the sisters discuss how their school districts handle the weather. She also shares her struggles with her cat Bentley, his digestive issues, and the resulting mountains of poop she's had to clean. If you're having the same issues, they go over the ups and downs of hiring a cleaning lady!

After last week's Spirit Week at school, the sisters talk a bit about how their students' great understanding of mental health- as well as their own relationship with self-worth and the need to repay others for kindness.

For this week's recommendations, check out Glennon Doyle's Podcast, We Can Do Hard Things, and a few books we loved:

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, and A Happy Pocket Full of Money

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