Sept. 20, 2022

Oh Heel No

Oh Heel No
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This week, Anna is still fighting a cold of some sort. She's not contagious, it's not COVID but she sure did scare some colleagues who potentially thought she might have it. Being sick doesn't exempt her from having embarrassing situations arise, including getting stuck while trying to scoot past someone. Anna and Alexandra recall their experience seeing Macklemore and Imagine Dragons live. Everyone at the show was all about unity and kindness until it was midnight and they had to go find their cars and sit in traffic to exit the venue. Alexandra’s house is like a Monet, it looks nice when driving by but once you get close, it's obvious there is still a lot of work to do. Anna discusses how her stress has manifested into her pinched nerve and cold, which has led her to de-stress by watching Selling the OC and Selling Sunset. Stay tuned because Anna may start wearing her high heels again and enjoy the STW joke of the day!

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