Feb. 7, 2023

For you? Only 90%

For you? Only 90%

This week Alexandra shares how she and Buddy just cannot seem to get healthy. As soon as they have 1 or 2 healthy days another virus pops up. Anna shares how her vulnerable moment in the last episode may have led her to have additional tests and weepy moments. By the way, be a good driver or one day you may see Anna in her Transformers car coming for you. Alexandra shares her miscommunication with a host at IKEA when she tried to get more info about a kitchen island. By the way the island only refers to the drawers and cabinets. Alexandra talks about her life being a medical drama soap opera and gives a warning to double check who you are dating in case they are an unknown half sibling. Enjoy the STW joke of the day and you are not alone!

Alexandra’s book- The Suicide Club: What To Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death

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