Aug. 3, 2022

Death to the Cosmo Quiz

Death to the Cosmo Quiz
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This week Alexandra and Anna give an update from their latest trip to wine country. They enjoyed the wine tastings, relaxation and the flora from the area. They chat about what they like to do when flying, especially checking out the newest People magazines. Anna thought a Cosmo quiz would be fun until she actually looked at them and both ladies decided they could not support Cosmo anymore. They get into a discussion about the Victoria Secret documentary on Hulu and how it is time for old, white men to stop dictating what is sexy. They finish up with some updates for why phones are to be in airplane mode on flights and why not to add red dye to sugar water for hummingbirds.

Links: Wine tour Anna and Alexandra took:

Victoria Secret documentary: Angels and Demons (Trailer)

Airplane mode:,cell%20towers%20on%20the%20ground


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