Feb. 8, 2022

A Boot to the Bootie to Reboot

A Boot to the Bootie to Reboot
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Anna and Alexandra got a boot to the bootie to reboot. January is tea month, Lent is also approaching and the possibility of shedding bacon and bourbon is likely not in the cards. There is also a ShmetFlix recommendation you can link to here.

Additional recommendation. Don't Look Up. Some people on the other side of the political spectrum might not find this amusing.

January might have just ended but there is still some housekeeping from the holidays. There were some continued adventures with the furbabies including a trip to the vet complete with ridiculous line items on the invoice.

We also spoke about some books. Here are the links if you would like to dig in,

Curse of the Chalion

The Presence Portal

The Places That Scare You

Also Alexandra had a speaking engagement and you can link to it right here.

There is also a complete review and breakdown of Dune, the perils of furniture and toy assembly, Axe throwing, and the Shawn T Wyman joke of the day.

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